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2019-05-31 / HFE Team

Chairman's Top 20 Challenge - The Road To Oval

If cricket is India’s biggest religion then the World Cup definitely its biggest festival. And at a time when people will be glued to their TV screens, 20 of our employees will be experiencing it in a different manner. The crunch battle between India and Australia will take place on 9th June and these employees will be bleeding blue right at the battleground – the Oval.

It all started with the Chairman’s Top 20 Challenge – an initiative to reward the hard work and dedication of our employees. Based on the achievement of KRAs and performance over and above it through innovative ideas, 20 winners were selected after a thorough process. The process included form submission from employees and multiple assessments and reviews within the company. In the end, 20 tickets were booked for those who delivered their best.

Our 20 winners who will be watching the World Cup match at Oval, London

Needless to say, the challenge has proved its point. Gratification is the best form of motivation and such a great victory has encouraged our employees to keep giving their best. In words of Ms. Alpna Srivastava, Assistant Manager, CDE (Grid) “It’s a rare opportunity that any company actually gives to their employees which becomes a reason to work with a whole lot of enthusiasm & energy.”

The moment the results were announced, our winners had their favourite cricketing moments in mind. “The last over of the 2007 T20 World Cup when Mahi gave the ball to Joginder Sharma and won us the title.” Manish Arora, Contracts and Payments, CPC, recalled his most memorable cricket moment, hoping for a repeat of such exciting action against Australia. For Ms. Sheetu Garg, Manager, HR, it was another world cup winning moment, “I still remember MSD’s six to win it against Sri Lanka.”

Watching their favourite sports person, give his all against a side like Australia, at a grand venue like Oval – their hard work couldn’t have yielded better results. And it’s not just the match our winners are looking forward to. “London is full of iconic locations – a ride on the London Eye, walking down the London Bridge, perfect picture with Big Ben; I am excited for all of it.” Arpit Modi, Manager, Design (Solar), CDE (Grid), expressed his excitement.

But this by no means discounts the hard work all our other employees put in day after day. The Chairman’s Top 20 Challenge was the first in a long line of employee-centric initiatives Mr. Rahul Munjal intends to introduce. His words on the day of the result were, “I congratulate the winners and look forward to seeing them at the Oval, watching India live in action. But for those who didn’t make the final cut, I appreciate them just as well and sooner rather than later, they will be in a winners’ list as well.”

So keep your hopes up and heads held high. While the Oval will be a remarkable memory for the winners, we are sure your presence will still be missed. So let’s give our best to our work and make the world a better place because our lives certainly will get better with the challenges planned next up.

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2018-12-21 / HFE Team

Best O&M Practices at HFE’s Solar Energy Sites

The world is showing no signs of slowing down in its shift to renewables. More and more businesses are adopting renewable energy, wind and solar farms are being set up, and the future indeed looks a lot greener. Although it is important to look towards the future, analyzing the present is just as important. That’s because while the quantity of renewable energy will be higher in the future, quality is something that can be maintained at high standards even today.

Hero Future Energies understands that maintaining quality is necessary to generate power efficiently and as such, employs certain practices at its solar sites. These practices help the company generate power efficiently, safely, and with minimal collateral damage to the environment.

The key practices include:

  • Water conservation with robot cleaning

Just imagine the time and effort (and water) required to manually clean the countless PV modules in a solar farm. And any delay that lets dust remain on the modules for long takes a toll on their efficiency. Robot cleaning brings automation into the picture, reducing both operational time and cost. Apart from water conservation, the method also ensures high day-to-day performance and increases the ROI from the solar assets.

  • Minimizing temperature effect with grass below the modules

Grass may well be the only vegetation with a role to play in solar ‘farms’. The efficiency of solar panels decreases if the panels get too hot. Under the PV modules, it helps in cooling the system by controlling the reflected heat from the ground, thus keeping the underside of solar panels cool and increasing the long-term efficiency.

  • Rainwater harvesting

Hero Future Energies’ understands that its commitment towards sustainability shouldn’t cause any collateral damage to the environment. Rainwater harvesting helps the company meet its water requirements to some extent and reduces its dependence on ground water. A rainwater harvesting system is much cheaper compared to other pumping and purifying means, is easy to maintain, and reduces water bills as well.

  • PV analyzer tool

Currently under implementation, the PV analyzer tool will help Hero Future Energies check the module health and degradation in-house. This will help us regulate our maintenance work better and realize the full potential of modules on our sites.

Along with these practices, some of the initiatives we plan to implement in the near future include:

  • Nano coating on solar modules

The hydrophobic and dust repellant qualities of nano coating on glass have long been known. These qualities play an even important in solar panels, protecting them during heavy rainfall, dust, and pollution. The coating’s self-cleaning effect stops dust, pollen and other such particles which can hinder the panel’s ability to absorb sunlight from sticking to the module, reducing the O&M cost and increasing the efficiency.

  • Thermography camera-equipped drones for inspection

Thermal imaging cameras used on drones will help detect hot spots in the solar panels even from a distance. This makes finding defects in the modules and taking corrective measures in a timely manner easier, preventing any breakdowns.

The role played by renewables in this day and age will only get more prominent with each passing day. As such, we don’t need to just increase their quantity but focus just as much on the quality. The more efficient they are, the brighter our future is. These measures, Hero Future Energies believe, will help us achieve the goal of a sustainable future smoothly.

Contributed by 

Atul Raaizada
President-Projects and O&M,
Wind & Solar farms and New Technologies

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2018-08-31 / HFE Team

The Gift of Knowledge – Delivered by Solar

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcom X

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Anan

I wanted to set the tone for this short post with these profound and insightful quotes by some of the greatest leaders the world has seen. Few can stress better on the importance of knowledge and its ability to transform lives.

Now, with the dawn of the digital era, modes may have evolved, but the meanings remain the same. Knowledge, though acquired differently, is still power.

Hero Future Energies was approached by the 17,000ft Foundation – a not-for-profit organization with an aim to improve lives of people living in remote areas that lie isolated due to difficulties posed by tough terrain. We teamed up with the Raman Kant Munjal Foundation (RKMF), a Hero Group initiative that actively works for women empowerment, rural upliftment and education. Given that this was a first-of-its-kind initiative for us, we decided to pair two brilliant things – renewable energy and education – to help enhance modes of learning for schoolchildren in Leh and Kargil.

Schools so high up in the mountains face a number of infrastructural issues, owing to the terrain and the harsh climate. For one, people can only reach these schools by walking. Besides this, the lack of a constant supply of electricity also hinders their progress. While it is true that they have learnt to live within the constraints around them, there’s no doubt it greatly limits the opportunities for them to grow. To help overcome these barriers and enable the development of these children, we needed an educational solution that was intuitive, more current and helped them learn better.

Together with the 17,000ft Foundation, I had the honour of inaugurating ‘Digi Labs’ at Nimoo Village – wherein we distributed 80 tablets throughout 10 schools in Kargil and Leh. Once the children began using the machines, it was amazing to see how quickly they learned to use them. The wild-eyed fascination in their eyes was encouraging to behold.

The tablets are pre-programmed with educational applications, are easy to understand and intuitive to use. To ensure that the tablets can be recharged regularly, the HFE team has set up solar panels in these schools. We have set up a solar-storage solution that empowers both the children and teachers in the long run.

It brings me great happiness to know that these children are being empowered with knowledge and that too through renewable energy. I hope that they come to understand and appreciate the benefits of solar power – and renewable energy in general – and learn to inculcate this sustainable lifestyle within themselves. I am personally a great believer in the potential that knowledge can unlock in children. I think there are few things more exciting than the possibilities of what these children might accomplish in the future.

The development of the young minds of our nation is not a one-time fix. It is important for us to take necessary steps regularly to bring everyone on an even platform, and try to afford the same opportunities to everyone as much as possible. This small step from Hero Future Energies is just the beginning in a long journey towards a better, brighter tomorrow.


Contributed by Mr. Rahul Munjal, Chairman and Managing Director, Hero Future Energies


2018-05-23 / HFE Team

Recipes of 'Happy Work Life' brought to you by HFE

A job at Hero Future Energies isn’t just a job. In many ways, it defines what we stand for and who we are. But life at Hero Future Energies isn’t just all work, we play too!

But does ‘play’ mean at work? Coming up with a definition is difficult because every human being has an intuitive understanding of it. But to broadly put it, a play is a mind-set: it has more to do with motivation and attitude than a specific activity. One can be playful while doing anything, from getting a document printed to make a meeting more interesting. A playful mind-set is one that is relaxed, creative, imaginative and in the flow. Just like this, we have some recipes for achieving success in the workplace that can all be tried and tested in our entertainment zone.

Entertainment zone is the latest addition apart from our annual trips to awesome place. Learn more about them here and here.

So what all does this zone have? Well, quite a few actually.

To begin, this space serves warm food that has been specially made to energize our employees throughout the day. A library, a playroom, and a fitness room – all there to keep our employees fresh and spark their creativity! The purpose of this area is to provide a space for employees where they can unwind and have a little fun, which in turn helps them perform better when working.

Recipe for healthy living: Think positive thoughts. Now that’s a thought that we encourage at work all day, every day. We also advocate that our employees (everyone) eat a well-balanced meal. Get a dose of daily exercise. Additionally, try to have a positive attitude and pair it with good physical habits.

Recipe for intrinsic motivation: Everybody has days when one feels. Some days we are not motivated enough to perform. But the charm lies in being able to overcome it. Interact and engage with colleagues. In this space, people from different departments to keep the day interesting on a daily basis.

Recipe for mental peace: Being healthy is important, but nothing like keeping our mind healthy! One way to do is to be in a state of peace. But it’s not easy. From time to time, at HFE we try out best to practice ideas to bring out the best of us in the office. Such state helps our employees move forward and spread good vibes.

Recipe for synergy at the workplace: A good work environment is a key ingredient to achieving success. At home or at the office, this is essential – co-exist and cultivate relationships. How? Be a good team player and carry some positive vibes, always.

Recipe for time management: This one is a toughie! But crucial. We all have our days, hours and minutes where we try to make the best use of our time but somehow we miss our target. Fret not, because once figured, the thin line between doing a job and doing a job well is quite rewarding. Just a little bit of planning, persistence, and compliance will go a long way in effectively making time for work.

Last but not the least, it’s not a recipe but an equally professional touch that we encourage our employees to do is follow the amazing Japanese concept of Ikigai. Its literal translation is, ‘a reason for being’ and according to Japanese, everyone has an Ikigai.

What does it mean? Primarily, Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements:

  • What you love (your passion)
  • What the world needs (your mission)
  • What you are good at (your vocation)
  • What you can get paid for (your profession)

One’s Ikigai lies at the centre of those interconnecting circles. If one is lacking in one area, there’s a missing out on one’s life potential.

At HFE, we are coming together with a collective sense of belief and purpose and take action on this – to practice the will to live longer and be in better health. All without a single doctor’s appointment or pill!

Here’s a glance of the entertainment zone at HFE.      Link to our previous blog: Planting a new seed of change: HFE commissions India’s First Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Plant   
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2018-07-03 / HFE Team

Welcome aboard!

Hero Future Energies recently became home to several new faces. We are glad to have them on board and look forward to achieving greater milestones with them. At HFE, our goal is to make the world a better place with renewable energy and we wish them a tremendous professional success as we, together, work towards this goal.



Ankit Kumar has joined the Investment team of HFE. On the lookout for a company which met both his interests and needs, Ankit considered HFE to be an ideal answer. This was based on a thorough online research on HFE’s presence in different sectors of renewable energy. Once satisfied, he became a part of the company by excelling in the campus placements.

In his short time here, Ankit has already come to appreciate the easy work environment of HFE. The company employees, he says, are presented with a friendly and cooperative culture. And cooperation is a necessary part of Ankit’s work, since investment team is responsible for checking the financial viability of a project. He, alongside other members of the team, designs models to determine the value of a new project and also evaluates the existing projects.



Ashish Verma has joined our Design team recently. A renewable energy enthusiast, he was a part of many seminars and expos during his M.Tech. It was during his second year that he visited REI for the first time and came across HFE – and it was love at first sight. A productive interaction with the HFE employees and an attractive concept was all it took to get him interested. So when HFE came for placements to his college later on, it wasn’t really a tough decision to make.

From an informative induction session to an interactive and cooperative environment, everything has affirmed Ashish’s faith in his decision. Even the copper water bottles have not escaped his renewable energy-loving senses. Ashish now pursues his passion as a part of Design department, working on solar grids under Mr. Rajesh Tiwari.



Ritwik Mondal is the latest addition to our Wind BD Department. The name HFE impressed upon him during his college years – thanks to the positive vibes created around it by his seniors as well as his college faculty. But being a fresher, the fears of a corporate life couldn’t be allayed until personal experience put them to rest. And HFE – with its welcome environment, friendly spirit, and helpful nature – couldn’t have performed the task any better. Relatively new, Ritwik is already an integral member of the HFE family.

His responsibilities towards HFE’s Wind-Business Development department include liaison with government offices, submission of applications, and document handling.

We would also like to give a shout to the rest who have joined the HFE Family,

  • Rajeswar Banerjee, Management Trainee, Solar BD Departement
  • Ankit Modi, Management Trainee, Investment, Strategy and Project Finance
  • Maharshi S. Vyas, Management Trainee, Solar rooftop design
  • Saif Jahangir, Management Trainee, Projects and O&M
  • Ankur Agarwal, Management Trainee, Projects and O&M
  • Utkarsh Gautam, Management Trainee



2017-12-06 / HFE Team

Health, Safety and Environment Initiatives at HFE


Hero Future Energies is one of the leading independent power producers in the renewable energy sector. This corporate entity has a long-standing commitment towards the health and safety of the employees, customers and stakeholders as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which it is involved. A responsible attitude towards the three elements is what leads the company in striving towards futuristic and clean energy. On this journey of achieving the safest health, safety and best environment performance, there exists no room for negligence at HFE.


Together, we are creating a healthy future.

At Hero Future Energies, the company extensively covers all the occupational diseases and illnesses such as high noise impact, which may directly affect most employees, the communities in which they operate, and the business. HFE has formally launched the process of noise monitoring at their point of operation and a shadow flicker assessment for difficulties related to vision. In conjunction to that, HFE has increased the awareness levels and offers on ground training sessions to help employees battle illnesses and diseases.


Safety is in the detail.

The company considers itself responsible for creating, maintaining and promoting an environment that is conducive to optimal health conditions among the employees. It regulates large amounts of resources to combat workplace hazards and adherence to a safe working environment. Special programs have been initiated with the objective of encouraging worker and contractor safety on the ground in all places of operation.

One serious effort from our end is investing in maintenance. As Hero Future Energies’ Vice President, Operations and Projects Maintenance, Atul Raaziada emphasizes, “maintenance is essentially a relative function of time and cost and holds its own importance in the lifecycle of machinery.” Learn about it here.

The team at HFE is committed towards zero accidents and injuries and in order to avert an emergency, a well-defined Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is implemented.


“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all.”

By adopting a proactive approach and implementing corporate policies like the ‘Green Code’, Hero Future Energies focusses on achieving a sustainable development of the environment. Through the execution of advanced practices, it strives to create improved conditions in the environment in the locations where it operates.

The primary goal at Hero Future Energies will always be to ensure innovative and optimum solutions to the consumers while simultaneously employing verified approaches towards protecting the health, safety and the environment.


Contributed by Satish Chaturvedi, Manager & Head Corporate HSE, Hero Future Energies

You can read our previous blog on ‘Health Safety Environment Initiatives – Emergency Response Plan’ here:


2017-01-31 / HFE Team

Health Safety & Environment Prospective in the Financial Inclusion of Business


Human intelligence and efforts alone cannot be credited for our accomplishments. For a long term success it is crucial to have clarity of thought. At times failure comes our way and one has to pay a heavy price for it. At Hero Future Energies, we have started planning for the future with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects in our projects regardless of our past mistakes.

Since the Industrial Revolution, today, we can say that there has been drastic improvements with respect to labour compliance, safety & health concerns, and more importantly about the environment. Factories and industries began to implement HSEMS in their day to day work. With such initiations the concept of sustainable developments began to emerge gradually. To put it simply, sustainable development is a combination of three Ps, namely – Planet, People & Profit. In the sustainable model, the three main aspects that any business should operate while taking care of the need of our future generation are – to be environmentally friendly, socially acceptable, and economically viable.

Hero Future Energies has executed more than 1 million safe hours in the fiscal year 2016-17. It is considered as safe hour, when all constructions & operational working hours which HFE has executed during this period was without any LTI (Loss time injury) reports. LTI is any injury which requires medical treatment with more than 48 hours leave from work. This is applicable to all employees, contractors, their sub-contractors including labourers. It is a grand feat where we have been able to achieve such record number of safe hours. To break it down, for wind projects it was 12,059,11 hours and for solar projects it was 1,345,76 hours.

Company’s stringent implementation of HSE policies coupled with regular awareness session helped immensely in achieving such numbers.  The ‘Mandatory HSE induction’, ‘Job Specific Safety’ training for all and expert monitoring by HSE professionals with dedicated site in-charges across all HFE projects contributed to this success story. The terms and conditions in our works contract makes it obligatory for contractors to implement HSEMS on site. Our contract conditions includes all HSE regulations of the land with IFC Performance Standards as well as ISO 14001/ OHSAS 18001 guidelines on which we work! After the successful implementation of HSEMS and ESMS in coordination with the local government authorities, now we can claim that even profit making institutions contribute towards sustainable development.

Earlier, financial institutions would only fund those organisations who worked on the principle of sustainability. But now, financial decision makers have decided to follow these processes for the finalisation of the projects on the basis of ESMS / HSEMS –

  1. Screening of the project
  2. Review of HSEMS process
  3. GAP analysis with respect to ESMS
  4. Preparation of Environment Social Action Plan
  5. Review of the implementation of ESAP
  6. Audit & periodic inspection of the ESAP
  7. Continual improvement

Satish Chaturvedi is leading HSE department in Hero Future Energies. He is an environment professional who has been in this field for almost 11 years. He has been involved in the implementation process of ESMS and EHSMS across power sector namely hydro, thermal and now renewable energy primarily for solar and wind projects.

2016-05-05 / HFE Team

HFE Insiders: The Journey till now!


Hero Future Energies had a formidable start in 2012 with the sole focus of constructing a road to a clean and green India. The primary objective of HFE is to generate clean energy and regulate the global carbon footprint by installing the best- in- class renewable energy systems.

Just like how water is important for a tree to grow, similarly every department in an organisation has an equally important role in delivering work and supporting the standards that have been established. Without each departments’ hard work, none of the success and infrastructural expansion would have been possible.

With this, we have 5 of our teams sharing their experience on how their quest to deliver the best quality work on a platform provided by Hero Future Energies has supported them to construct the bridge to a greener environment with a sustainable future.

“As one of the initial key members who joined HFE, I had the benefit to setup the business and the process right from scratch and build it up brick by brick ensuring that the culture, values adopted and practices were of best in class. For me, professionally, it has been a very satisfying experience till now. What I particularly like about the organisation is the freedom given and trust to carry out one’s responsibilities and tasks independently that truly gives me a great sense of ownership in all that I do.“

Rajesh Puri, Sr. VP-Finance

“HFE is an outstanding renewable energy company. What I like most about the company is that from the very beginning, they have heavily valued ideas, suggestions, creativity and innovation. With the exponential growth trajectory that we’re on, there is an endless amount of opportunity within the company to take on new roles and responsibilities. The people are excellent and the culture is respectful and accepting. We have a great work-life balance. Today, in a fast-moving and exciting space we’re in the catbird seat. It just doesn’t get more fun and exciting than that.”

Jyoti Agarwal, AGM- Projects & BD, Wind

“Working at HFE has been an intraprenuerial experience, from taking tasks, owning them and seeing their implementation. What I appreciate most is the flat structure, which speeds up the implementation process. Open door and friendly culture allows us to connect better with the organisation. And our enthusiastic management and team members bring the required energy and passion.“

Bhawna Kirpal Mital, Head- HR

“It is an honor to call myself as one of the first employees at Hero Future Energies which has been a wonderful learning experience till now. I support the family like work environment where one can share ideas, opinions and give suggestions to make the work process quick and easy.“

MD Siddiqui, Admin head

“I appreciate the stable HR policies and passion of senior management in the business. Being one of the initial employees at HFE, together as a force, we have been constantly working towards evolving systems and processes to identify the skill level of teams and provide the required training leading to a fruitful outcome. As a company, we have grown double year-over-year, in terms of capacity addition. And, none the less, I feel proud to be called an HFE-ian!“

Atul Raaizada, Sr. VP- O&M, Projects

All these experiences are a testimony to the excellent working environment we have successfully created at HFE, a space where every employee has full support from the organization to maximize their individual potential and at the same time work hand in hand with the ultimate goal of Planet, Positive & Power to a cleaner and greener future.



2016-10-28 / HFE Team

Health Safety Environment Initiatives - Emergency Response Plan

Calamities seldom come with a warning and often cause irreparable damage to human life and property. It is therefore important to have a crisis management plan in place so that the damage can be minimized when disaster strikes.

At HFE, we are deeply concerned about the safety and security of each of one of our fellow workers and have a well-defined Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to overcome any emergency. There are three root causes; natural calamities such as earthquake, floods, storm etc; accidents such as fire, building collapse, electrocution, power failure, machine failure or other engineering failures in the system; and finally, any manmade disaster which can’t be ignored in view of the current global scenario vis-a-vis bomb threats and terrorist attacks. At times, our natural surroundings could also create emergency situations, like snake or scorpion bite.

ERP aims to: 

  • Safeguard employees in case of an outbreak of fire / any other incident requiring an evacuation from the building
  • Respond to any emergency immediately
  • Save lives
  • Minimize damages and loss of property
  • Meet social and legal responsibilities

We have developed the following procedural framework onsite as well as at our offices to deal with emergencies:

  • Emergency Response Team (ERT): Each of our offices as well as sites have an ERT with team members trained to deal with emergencies including fire-fighting and awareness training on earthquakes. Their name along with contact details are displayed on notice boards across all locations.
  • Resource availability: We have the following resources to deal with emergencies:
    • Firefighting installations
    • Security Arrangements
    • Emergency alarm system
    • Safe assembly point
    • First aid boxes
  • Mock drills: We conduct mock drills at regular intervals to check our emergency preparedness. This includes mock drills in firefighting, road accidents and snake/scorpion bites.

In any emergency situation, the initial response is critical. Prompt warning to employees to evacuate, shelter or lockdown can save lives. Action by employees with knowledge of building and process systems can help control a leak and minimize damage to the facility and the environment. While the systems are in place, it is important that we act responsibly in times of a calamity and handle the situation with composure.

Keep calm and contact Satish. He heads Heath, Safety & Environment (HSE) department at HFE.



2017-01-17 / HFE Team

Green resolutions – The way to progress


Resolutions have become an integral part of our lives and especially during the new years’, we are given an opportunity to make amends and move forward. 2016 was an important year for HFE’s growth and it will be going down in history as a remarkable year. But our fight for a greater progress is still on. So, let’s all come together to make 2017 an even better and greener world – for you and me.

The renewable sector which was a nascent sector even two years back, has grown in leaps and bounds. For India, 2016 has been an exceptional year and 2017 looks even more promising for this sector. Our government’s vision of adding 175 GW capacity is no doubt an affirmation of this and the stakeholders are gearing up for it. Capacity installation target is huge so as an IPP we need to ask ourselves ‘Are we prepared to share the Government’s vision of adding this capacity’ as part of our ‘New Year Resolution’?

According to IRENA’s latest annual Renewable Energy job review, it estimates that the global employment in this sector has increased by 5% in 2015 with a total reach of 8.1 million. Specifically in India, it stands at an estimation of 416,000 employment. Human capital has to keep pace with this growing and ever evolving sector and in for that HR has a significant role in enabling this evolution.

HR needs to assume a strategic role w.r.t – ethics, employee engagement, performance parameters and organisational culture. We need to partner with the Management and Business Heads to shape up the organization. We are no longer only the eyes and ears of management but crucial enablers in the overall organisational growth. We need to keep pace with technological advancement, become business savvy, understand economy, environment, be aware of ground realities of the sector. Unless and until HR develops strategic business acumen, it can’t partner in organizational growth. It’s important for HR to be visionary and adapt to growing needs of employees and organisation.

‘You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.’

We are gearing up for this sector’s growth with unwavering vigor and we are excited to extend these opportunities to those who share the same vision of a better and greener world –

HR blog vacancies

Contributed by Bhawna Kirpal Mital, AGM – HR at Hero Future Energies Pvt. Ltd.





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2016-12-30 / HFE Team

The Green Journey - 2016


Have you heard of ‘Here comes the sun‘ track from the famous 60s rock band, The Beatles? As its lyrics lusciously links the way our life is measured with the sun. Just like the sun graces the earth with its ever so bright light, making a way for the future – the ‘renewable’ way. India just crossed its 10 GW mark this year with an exceptional increase of 101% over 2015 in 2016. The government of India also upped its cumulative renewable energy (RE) target to 175 GW by 2022. It is not only India’s commitment but the world’s, together, to make the ultimate green change. So, its achievement is every one’s responsibility to make it happen.

Hero Future Energies in the recent years have been actively furthering the renewable cause. It is with great joy, we present to you these few token of appreciation that we have been able to accomplish in the recent few years, and even more so in 2016 for solar energy –


  • Rahul Munjal has been awarded the ‘GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD – 2014’ in Renewable Energy by Energy and Environment Foundation (EEF). He has also been awarded the ‘National awards for excellence’ as Renewable Energy Leader & Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 by World CSR Congress


  • HFE won the ‘National awards for excellence’ in the Renewable Energy category for Conventional Rooftop Installation of the year 2015 & Best Wind Farm of the Year 2015 by World CSR Congress


  • Roadmap for Innovation in Solar Energy (RISE 2016) from Mission Energy Foundation for most innovative rooftop solar project which is supported by Ministry of New Renewable Energy (MNRE), India for National Institute of Solar Energy and Powergrid Corporation by Hero Future Energies
  • HFE won the ‘National awards for excellence’ in the Renewable Energy category for one of the Best EPC player- rooftop solar & Best Wind Farm (for Devgarh) of the Year 2016 by ASAPP media
  • HFE won the Best Wind farm project in 2016 of the year by IWEF for our Dhar project


The O&M Landscape

  • Commissioned 100 MW wind farm at Badnawar within the project timelines
  • Conducted technical project feasibility study for HFE’s first Wind-Solar Hybrid Project in 2016
  • Attained cumulative (weighted) average WTG Availability of @97% for 164 WTGs amounting to 316.3 MW
  • Attained cumulative (weighted) average Plant Availability of @99 % 40 MW solar plant
    • Forecasting & Scheduling updates
      • Team @HFE has been conducting generation forecasting and scheduling for all the commissioned RE generation site in compliance with CERC guidelines as well respective state guidelines.
      • Maximum average accuracy achieved for solar sites are 94.62% and for wind it is 91.73% for FY16-17 in terms of energy. In terms of time blocks, the maximum average accuracy stands at 85.33% for wind and 82.30% for solar. These are good figures considering the industrial standards.
      • The company is in process of developing a Centralized Monitoring System for better monitoring of operational assets there by increasing the operational efficiency.


Within the Law 

  • The team incorporated an SPV in record time of 2 hours!
  • HFE being on its growth trajectory, in the year 2015-16 itself 10 SPVs were incorporated, now the final count of SPVs stands at 28!!
  • HFE has geared up to conduct business in international markets


 Economics of investments and financial growth at HFE

  • HFE & its wind holding entity has successfully raised second round of funding through certified climate bonds during 2016 for expansion of its wind and solar portfolio.
  • Early February we had raised India’s first certified climate bond for expansion of the company’s wind portfolio.
  • Secured funding of INR 300 crore during each transaction through issuance of rated and secured non-convertible debentures.
  • The Climate Bonds Initiative, which is an international, investor-focused not-for-profit organisation, issues this certification under robust framework for monitoring, reporting and assurance of conformance with the relevant Climate Bonds Initiative standards. The certificate for conformance with Climate Bonds standard has been issued following an independent third party assurance.


Accounting made easy

The In-house SAP project, AARUSH which means “first rays of sun” went live. SAP HANA S4 live is the latest version available. We have also implemented AP Fiori (mobile apps) and simple finance (reporting tool). Through this system our system controls has become one of its kind.


Renewable industry in the making 

  • Filed petition in Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) for load curtailment issues in Gunga and Dangri and brought it down considerably.
  • Filed petition before Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission to resolve the Open Access issue for HFE’s upcoming Solar power project in Punjab, which has been acknowledged.
  • Streamlined payments for our Ratlam & Rajasthan wind projects.
  • Team has been submitting comments/suggestions before MNRE, CERC, SERCs etc. on various draft policy notifications.


The shine of Rooftop Solar Gold

The year 2016 offered diverse opportunities to showcase our capabilities in delivering best in class project engineering to install rooftop solar projects this year.  Ranging from educational institutes (Benaras Hindu University – 200 KW, 4 Technical colleges under DU – 1 MW), public facilities (Kochi Metro Rail Limited – 4000 kW, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation – 986 kW, JNPT, Mumbai – 411 KW), religious institutions (Dera Sacha Sauda- 300 KW) and others apart from our regular industrial & commercial projects. HFE’s in-house team has designed, installed, commissioned the systems, and will be maintaining them for 25 years.

The marquee projects won & commissioned in 2016 goes like this:

Benaras Hindu University – 200 kW

  • Kochi Metro Rail Limited – 4 MW
  • Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation – 986 kW
  • JNPT, Mumbai – 411 KW
  • Dera Sacha Sauda- 300 KW
  • National Textiles Corporation – 780 kW
  • Hero Moto Corp Halol – 1903 kW
  • 2440 kW project under CREST, Chandigarh
  • Subsidy allocation of 15.3 MW under SECI tender of 500 MW
  • Subsidy allocation of 2.5 MW under IPGCL tender of 5 MW


We believe and hope that we are heading into a brighter future! Let’s make 2017 a greater and greener world for all of us.





2016-11-23 / HFE Team

Life at HFE: A family in the making


Hero Future Energies’ goal of a greener future is everyone’s wish. But in order to achieve it, each one of us have to put in our bit of contribution and adopt sustainable lifestyle. And it starts at HFE, and our principle to drive India’s development by leading a change in generating energy using renewable resources.

Team HFE had a retreat recently to Goa, the land of wonderful beaches, with a purpose to have our commitment of a better tomorrow rejuvenated. The trip was filled with amazing moments where we had the opportunity to catch up and know one another better. But more importantly, we engaged in productive activities and team building games! We got to witness nature’s beauty first-hand with our colleagues who shared HFE’s vision.

Here are some of the highlights of the vacation:


Pass-the-water: An old school fun game from the childhood days. It still remains relevant in making us realize that we need to work together in achieving a holistic goal!


The Team Olympics Challenge: We have seen it before, volleyball on a beach right? But this time we got to do it. Each one of us got our high energy competitive-mode on to do some sports. It was a lot of fun with a lot of smashing moments!


The Drum Circle Challenge: Mr. Rahul Munjal, HFE’s CMD and Mr. Sunil Jain, HFE’s CEO had a great time at the ‘Drum Circle challenge’. A team building activity in which participants play various musical instruments for a join effort in music creation. We SYNCED quite harmoniously!


All reservations were let loose when it came to dancing! Team HFE had a blast grooving to the beat. Go Team HFE!


The Beach Challenge: The HFE team engaged in a series of fun activities. They were all up for the challenges. Here is one of their brilliantly building-castles-in-the-sand monument they made as a team!


When at a beach it’s not the end unless we experience the run-off into the sunset because it’s only the beginning and we are here together, hands held to take the leap of better change.


Nothing beats the beach view with everyone in it. Goa is a perfect holiday destination but we wanted something more out of it. Team HFE can heartily agree that we went back home with not only great moments but also with our spirits lifted high to change the world by working together as one!


Card image cap

2018-08-31 / HFE Team

Exploring The Beautiful City Of Bangkok As A Team

When we think about employee experience and employee engagement, the typical focus is to fall within the confines of the office. Some more known and relatable ones being – When is the next happy hour? How do we create more facetime with leaders? What are our communication best practices?

Our recent offsite trip to Bangkok was organized so that we could move away from these. Away from our desks and work to a place where we can really experience the power of a team at work.

This time, the entire Hero Future Energies team flew to Thailand’s capital city for our annual office retreat. Some participants were excited about spending time together; others were worried they would be forced to do trust falls; and one was terrified that the trip would be a bust. Spoiler alert: We had a blast! And throughout the trip, we learned quite a bit about one another and a lot about what it takes to contribute to the growth of a colleague. When we take employees outside the office walls, employees get the chance to connect on a more personal basis with one another, and this is exactly what we hoped for.

Bangkok holds such a special place among tourists worldwide. A hospitable environment and captivating locations weren’t the only strengths of the city – its culture stood in a league of its own. And the best way to explore this culture was to become a part of it. HFE family was divided into teams and moved about the city to experience the city’s offering – its art and craft of the place, cuisine, culture; everything held a unique charm which everyone was glad to have experienced.     



 This fun was accompanied by a feeling of pride as well. Having made considerable progress as a family in the last 5 years, it was a moment to reflect on the work we had done and appreciate ourselves for it.

Such a memorable trip would have been incomplete without one final party in Bangkok. And the HFE family knows how to have splendid parties. The night was full of fun, conversations, laughter, and importantly, memories.    


After the games were played, the drinks had, and the party put out, every employee felt refreshed and rejuvenated to get to work and change the world. We now feel closer as co-workers, have a stronger connection to the team, and more comfortable approaching our leadership.

With such happy faces among us, who are no short of talent when it comes to working either, this memorable trip is bound to be the first of many more to come. Here is to the success we have achieved and the fun we’ve had!

The full gallery of HFEians at Bangkok!             



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