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2018-04-25 / RETelling

#RETelling Volume 2.0: The Adventure Continues

With a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic sceneries, India is one of the world’s most enchanting destinations. From bustling towns to historic sites to people from vibrant cultural backgrounds, it was time once again to embark on our next #REtelling journey to discover new stories. This time, we called upon two passionate story-tellers, Samar Singh Virdi and George Koruth, to undertake the unique and exciting #REtelling journey.

We Are But Stories Waiting To Be Told
Discoveries do not only belong in the fields of science but also in the daily observations that we see and feel. When the two are combined we get a great combination that can be best explained through the popular phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. With this journey, our end goal was to explore and discover stories in renewable energy sites and tell them as they are – raw and without a filter. Literally! Here are a few stories of what we mean. You may agree or disagree to agree but some of the images captured by our story-tellers speak volumes about the importance of renewable energies in our lives. Have a look!



To Make Do With What We Have

The world is constantly changing and with that, our planet is facing one of the greatest threats today – climate change! To make a difference, it is important that we utilize the available resources available efficiently and make the most of them. Especially to ensure that our future generations can enjoy a wonderful and habitable life at the one place that is home to us all – the Earth.
One frame at a time, our storytellers were able to capture some special moments as they explored our renewable energy sites and its surrounding vicinity in Karnataka.

Round the clock
Most of the time, barring sunny afternoons, our eyes fix onto the warm colors of the rising or setting sun and we’re transported to an enchanted world. But with that also comes the intriguing process and the basis through which energy converts to power for solar energy.
Another popular source of renewable energy are wind turbines. Immune to time, wind turbines constantly rotate to produce green power.

Stories To Make The World A Better Place
Our storytellers did a wonderful job in capturing moments and most of all the people around the sites. There are a lot of things to be considered when working at a solar or wind energy site that one might conveniently forget. Safety being the most important aspect to be considered, all of the workers need to take the correct precautions and be responsible as they carry out their tasks.

The Best Is Yet To Come
Hopefully, these stories help in paving the way for more people making the switch towards a greener way of living!
But that not where our story-telling journey ends. We are excited to announce that this year, the stories are limited to the ones presented here but also to yours. If you’re reading this and is inspired to share your story on sustainable living.

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