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2019-07-31 / HFE Team

#Power2Think: Conversations For A Green Tomorrow

Every important movement is driven by two primary factors – action and awareness. And right now, perhaps there is no movement more important than our march towards sustainability. From Paris Climate Agreement to International Solar Alliance, the world is coming together to ensure a future – a cleaner and greener one. The actions are speaking just as loud – be it the renewable energy capacity additions in China, the voice of activists like Greta, or even the green energy ambitions of India.

Our march towards sustainability is gaining strength every day – be it our fight against global warming, e-waste, or plastics. But to reach the finish line, plenty more needs to be done which will require all hands on deck. This is where awareness steps in: greater the awareness among the masses, faster our march. There are plenty of ways to raise awareness and one among them is Power2Think, an initiative by Hero Future Energies.

Power2Think is a platform wherein through digital mediums of Facebook Live, Twitter Live, and podcasts, we converse on different aspects of sustainability. It is a platform where experts across the renewable energy and other industries gather to analyze this march, point out its strengths and weaknesses, and give their opinions on where it is headed and how it needs to grow. It is a platform that brings the best minds involved in this movement to the masses.

The experts who have been on Power2Think sessions include Dr. Arunabha Ghosh (Founder-CEO, CEEW), Dr. Paolo Frankl (Head of Renewable Energy Division, IEA), Ms. Radhika Kalia (MD, RLG), Ms. Vandana Gombar (Editor, Bloomberg), and Mr. Chintan Shah [Director (Technical), IREDA] among others. Such a mix of Indian and international experts from industries like renewable energy, journalism, and e-waste allows Power2Think discussions to disseminate information on a wide variety of topics like Indian solar industry, circular economy, renewable energy trends, etc. The collection of all Power2Think chat discussions till date is also available on YouTube. Click here to watch them.

By conveying the progress we are making and the way ahead, these discussions aim to create awareness about the importance of sustainability. It is nothing short of our planet’s future that is at stake and hence, we must leave no stone unturned. Power2Think platform will continue to grow with more experts and insights and hopefully, it will encourage masses to act sustainably as well. Plenty of steps can be taken into that direction – be it switching to renewable energy or reducing your carbon footprint by using public transport, walking short distances, etc.

Global warming is perhaps the biggest threat ever to this planet and the lives it supports. While there have been plenty of rules, regulations, and implementations to fight it, the decisive factor – as with every movement – will be the mass contribution. All of us need to work together for a green tomorrow, be it with actions or conversations because awareness can also make a big difference.

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