Hero Future Energies (HFE), one of the leading Independent Power Producers, is poised to integrate renewable energy in the energy mix of the country by identifying the best solutions and install renewable energy systems bench marked against the best-in-class engineering standards. HFE which came into existence in the year 2012, carries an illustrious legacy of the Hero Group. The company is focused on futuristic and clean energy. HFE has presence in nearly ten states of India with high quality operating asset base of across wind, solar PV (grid connected) & rooftop plants. We have established presence in select international geographies.

Under the able leadership of Rahul Munjal – Chairman & Managing Director and Sunil Jain – CEO, HFE has scaled new heights since its inception. The senior management and execution team are highly skilled and efficient, helped the company achieve one of the lowest employee per MW in the industry. The company is known for adhering to the highest standard of corporate governance.

In rooftop solar, the company has plans to implement 100 MW by 2018-19. The company is optimistic about building a robust portfolio of 3.5 GW by 2022.


To drive India’s development by leading a change in generating energy using Renewable Resources like Wind and Sun in providing Sustainable, Cost-effective, Clean Power thereby reducing Carbon Emissions leading to a Greener Planet for our future generations. We call this "planet positive power".


To become a leading Power Generator of Multi Gigawatt scale, consistently deploying best-in-class Green Technologies, Attracting and Empowering the finest talent to emerge as India's most Valuable and Respected Renewable Energies Company, committed to serving Domestic and International clientele.

HFE logo is a creative composition of five colours, for five is an auspicious number for us in India. Our universe is composed of five natural elements; we have five sensory organs; and in our zodiac, it is the Sun who is the Lord of the fifth house. Five colours of our HFE logo are embedded with layers of meanings and messages:

Welcome to our world: Driven by planetary needs, guided by positivity and focussed on energy…We have started this initiative for the generation and distribution of renewable energies.


Warmest of all colours signifies life, blood and energy; it’s been the colour of choice of our parent, The Hero Group.


Coolest of colours; brings the sky, ocean and twilight to us.


Represents truth, sincerity, integrity and moderation.


Energy of a bright sunny day; bringing joy, happiness, creativity and wisdom.


It is nature embracing us; breathing life and balance in everything we do, in short, it’s the environment and our endeavour for its sustainability.

I have always been fond of nature and respect it deeply. But the more I read and the more I know about climate change- it disturbs me greatly. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in a position where I can follow my passion and create a viable business and have a positive impact on our planet. At HFE, it’s our endeavour to bring about a change in the energy mix of the country, by increasing the share of renewables.

Mr. Rahul Munjal
Chairman & Managing Director


Indian government’s commitment at COP 21 made evident that solar will become the backbone of India’s target for tackling climate change. While the government has been pushing large utilities for RPOs, in my view “Renewable Consumption Obligation - RCO” should be enforced on industrial and commercial users who contribute nearly half (40 – 45%) to the growing CO2 emissions. I firmly believe that RCO adherence should proliferate with every passing day. Industrial and commercial users should mandatorily use at least 10 % of renewables in their energy consumption mix which progressively should escalate to 50% in next ten to fifteen years’ time. Globally industries are collaborating with government to act upon the issue of climate change, India should take a lead from them.

Mr. Sunil Jain
Chief Executive Officer
Our Investors
India Management Team

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” —Stephen Covey

HFE’s commitment to planet , positive, power is spearheaded by a dedicated team with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.

Sunil Jain
Amit Mehra
Atul Raaizada
Naveen Khandelwal
Chief Investment & Strategy Officer
Arun Tripathi
Head of Energy Storage
Head, Rooftop Solar
Raghunath Mahapatra
Head Solar Grid Business
Bhawna Kirpal Mittal
Meenakshi Sarkar
Green Living

Health, Safety & Environment

Hero Future Energies has a long-standing commitment towards the health and safety of the employees, customers and stakeholders as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which it is involved. A responsible attitude towards the three elements is what leads the company in striving towards futuristic and clean energy.

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Green Code

As part of the Green living, we have initiated ‘Green Code’ guidelines for sustainable living in professional and personal life. As part of our Individual Environment Responsibility, we encourage everybody to ‘Walk the Green Talk’. Our endeavour is to minimise carbon footprint, preserve natural resources and create consciousness towards ‘Green Discipline’. Our children will inherit what we leave for them. Go green for tomorrow.

Looking for Green partnerships

We will be open to associate with Organizations/individuals who are working in this noble cause of creating green consciousness.


Our endeavour is to facilitate inclusive growth at different locations in the country including our project locations by working on improving/providing basic amenities to communities at various places around our project sites and generate possibilities of employment.

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