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Welcome aboard!

Hero Future Energies recently became home to several new faces. We are glad to have them on board and look forward to achieving greater milestones with them. At HFE, our goal is to make the world a better place with renewable energy and we wish them a tremendous professional success as we, together, work towards this goal.



Ankit Kumar has joined the Investment team of HFE. On the lookout for a company which met both his interests and needs, Ankit considered HFE to be an ideal answer. This was based on a thorough online research on HFE’s presence in different sectors of renewable energy. Once satisfied, he became a part of the company by excelling in the campus placements.

In his short time here, Ankit has already come to appreciate the easy work environment of HFE. The company employees, he says, are presented with a friendly and cooperative culture. And cooperation is a necessary part of Ankit’s work, since investment team is responsible for checking the financial viability of a project. He, alongside other members of the team, designs models to determine the value of a new project and also evaluates the existing projects.



Ashish Verma has joined our Design team recently. A renewable energy enthusiast, he was a part of many seminars and expos during his M.Tech. It was during his second year that he visited REI for the first time and came across HFE – and it was love at first sight. A productive interaction with the HFE employees and an attractive concept was all it took to get him interested. So when HFE came for placements to his college later on, it wasn’t really a tough decision to make.

From an informative induction session to an interactive and cooperative environment, everything has affirmed Ashish’s faith in his decision. Even the copper water bottles have not escaped his renewable energy-loving senses. Ashish now pursues his passion as a part of Design department, working on solar grids under Mr. Rajesh Tiwari.



Ritwik Mondal is the latest addition to our Wind BD Department. The name HFE impressed upon him during his college years – thanks to the positive vibes created around it by his seniors as well as his college faculty. But being a fresher, the fears of a corporate life couldn’t be allayed until personal experience put them to rest. And HFE – with its welcome environment, friendly spirit, and helpful nature – couldn’t have performed the task any better. Relatively new, Ritwik is already an integral member of the HFE family.

His responsibilities towards HFE’s Wind-Business Development department include liaison with government offices, submission of applications, and document handling.

We would also like to give a shout to the rest who have joined the HFE Family,

  • Rajeswar Banerjee, Management Trainee, Solar BD Departement
  • Ankit Modi, Management Trainee, Investment, Strategy and Project Finance
  • Maharshi S. Vyas, Management Trainee, Solar rooftop design
  • Saif Jahangir, Management Trainee, Projects and O&M
  • Ankur Agarwal, Management Trainee, Projects and O&M
  • Utkarsh Gautam, Management Trainee