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Multi disciplinary team exposure in various renewable verticals and across functions


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Ability to customise solution as per the requirement of user and state of the art performance monitoring solutions


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Realistic site assessment and top-notch Workmanship


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O&M support for project life


Design & Engineering

In house team for complete design and engineering partnership with top consultants in renewable sector



Relationship with global suppliers across technologies and value chain

Rooftop Solar Plant Online Tracking

Technology enabled solution to obtain data analytics enabled insights on your rooftop solar plant performance with an objective of better overall monitoring and predictive/timely maintenance.

The key highlights include:

  • A cloud based solution accessible on both web and mobile app
  • Performance dashboard for analytics
  • Produce daily, weekly, monthly reports on generation
  • Produce visualization charts with user defined axes
  • Forecasting & Prediction of plant specific issues
  • Offers cleaning recommendations
  • Alerts and Alarms notifications(e.g. inverters down, grid failure etc)

Customer Stories
Headquaters for International Solar Alliance (ISA)
System Capacity: 151 KWp
Special Roof: Space Frame Structure
Commissioning Time: Record Time of 20 days

In January 2016, HFE was given the challenging task of installing rooftop solar panels on the building of the National Institute of Solar Energy, which is also the headquarters of the Indian Solar Alliance. Given the specifications and design of the rooftop, it proved to be a particularly taxing project as the building had an elliptical roof and the modules had to be installed along the periphery of the ellipse on top of the mesh-like structure protruding from the building.

HFE overcame these challenges through an innovative design, which required each module to be uniquely positioned in order to optimise generation. In addition, since the building stands 20 metres tall, the wind speeds on the rooftop are usually high and could knock down installations. The clamps used in the project, therefore, were specially designed to hold the modules in place. Moreover the project was to be executed within a stringent timeline of around 30 days. However, HFE commissioned it in a record time of only 20 days.

Rooftop Solar Updates
Installing Rooftop Solar is quite simple
Rooftop Solar is easy to install
Hero Future Energies and Kochi Metro
What is a solar PV system?

A PV system consists of different components, including:

  1. Solar Modules (group of solar cells)
  2. Charge Controllers (to control the amount of charge going into the inverter)
  3. Inverters (to convert the direct current (DC) of a PV system into alternating current (AC) for use in electrical appliances)
  4. Batteries (to store any excess energy and use it when the PV system is not generating power) (for off-grid and hybrid systems only)
  5. Racking (mounting hardware for the modules) etc.
How will going solar help me in my business?

Going solar will help you in the following ways:

  1. Save Money: Solar power is often cheaper than your grid electricity. There is also no peak time “demand” charge associated with solar electricity. If you own the rooftop system, you will have access to free electricity after a certain time period – i.e. once the initial cost of the system is amortised. [refer (c)].
  2. Lock In Your Energy Costs: As fossil fuel stocks deplete, the costs of grid based electricity (generated using fossil fuels) will continue to rise. Going solar allows you to locked-in your energy costs for the lifetime of the system, typically a period of 25 years or more.
  3. It Makes Perfect Business Sense: Depending on your electricity consumption and the incentives and/or rebates available in your area, your rooftop solar system could pay back for itself in as little as 4-5 years. Since the systems last for as long as 25-40 years, you will have access to free electricity for many years.
  4. Improves Your Business’ Public Perception: Solar systems are an emissions free source of electricity generation. Therefore going solar also has huge environmental benefits. This will improve the perception of your business in the eyes of your customers, your employees, the community and even the government. It’s great CSR.
What are the recent policy updates in rooftop solar in India?

Highlights of Delhi Solar Policy

Operative Period 2016-2020
Target 1.1 GW of rooftop solar power by 2020
Incentives Generation Based Incentive of INR 2 per unit of energy generation for 3 years for residential consumers on first come first serve basis; up to a limit of INR 10 crore for the first year, INR 20 crore for the second and INR 30 crore for the third year
  • Electricity Tax, currently 5%, exempted for all solar energy output
  • All equipment exempted from VAT and entry tax
  • Exemption from certification by electrical inspector for solar systems up to 200 KW
  • Building bye-laws relaxed for rooftop solar installations up to a height of 2 meters
Mandatory installations Mandatory rooftop solar installation for all government buildings with a minimum shadow free rooftop area of 50 sq.m.
RPO fulfilment Power distribution companies required to meet at least 75% of their solar renewable purchase obligation (RPO) from rooftop systems in Delhi

Source: http://www.bridgetoindia.com/blog/delhi-can-become-a-model-for-rooftop-solar-implementation-across-india/#more-4072