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#Power2Think | February

With a tableau showcasing renewable energy on the 67th Republic Day, this year is earmarked to make India a clean source of energy.

At #Power2Think, every month we invite a renewable industry expert to be a part of a tweet chat where we discuss and generate powerful conversations around sustainability and aim to position Hero Future Energies as a thought leader in the Renewable Sector to make an impact an encourage people to take a step towards reducing their carbon footprint and enlightening the world with clean energy sources such as Wind Energy and Solar Energy.

Think renewable and power sustainability is our ultimate goal.

In the first session of #Power2Think tweetchat, we invited Associate Director consultant – Jasmeet Khurana at Bridge To India. Twitteratis joined this chat asking questions about the renewable sector with dynamic viewpoints that were full of insights.

We look forward to everyone who is willing to be an advocate of change for renewable energy to be a part of this Tweet chat every month to make this platform a 100% green source of information and contribute by voicing out their valuable questions, solutions, opinions and ideas.

Here are the highlights of the first session of #Power2Think