Leveraging IoT for a Brighter Future

On one hand, solar and wind energy costs are lower than ever while on the other, battery storage still awaits a major breakthrough. Therefore, an argument can be raised that the renewable energy sector is just adding on to its past progress. Any such claims, however, fall flat once we bring in a third aspect apart from energy generation and storage – the aspect of efficiency.

At Hero Future Energies, we consider technology a highly valued asset and as such, utilize it to ensure our projects live up to our brand name. We realize that by improving connectivity between our sites, we can monitor, analyse, and even maintain them with minimal efforts, and Internet of Things is what allows us to achieve just that. Usage of IoT comes handy even for tasks like land acquisitions or project surveys for solar parks for cabling, piling structures, foundations for inverter transformer control /inverter control room, module mounting structure installations, module installations, towers for power transmission etc.

Our inhouse state-of-the-art project monitoring system aces our performance management capabilities for local as well as global projects as:

  • The process includes the use of a Flying Project Manager i.e. drone for capturing images of an ongoing project, which are then processed using Artificial Intelligence tools and further compiled with project AutoCAD drawings
  • With features such as identifying faults in O&M of sites, capturing thermographic images to identify module faults (such as Hotspot, Diode failure, etc), it plays a big role in optimizing the organization’s revenue by identifying site issues with little time and effort
  • It helps eliminate the old-fashioned manual process of maintaining and updating site records
  • It also enhances decision-making and reduces travel time for site visits
  • It helps in mitigating risks
  • Apart from reducing the task of manual recordkeeping, it also eases the task of getting project updates since all the information is just a click away

As our dependence on renewable energy increases, ensuring its efficiency is becoming more important than ever. Integrating IoT into the sector will be key to making renewable energy just as reliable as thermal power, if not more. As a renewable energy firm eager to push the envelope, we intend to be pioneers in the use of technology to improve our power production as well. Because at HFE, we believe every bit of renewable power generated is important in our journey towards a brighter future.