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2018-05-23 / Life @ HFE/ HR

Recipes of 'Happy Work Life' brought to you by HFE

A job at Hero Future Energies isn’t just a job. In many ways, it defines what we stand for and who we are. But life at Hero Future Energies isn’t just all work, we play too!

But does ‘play’ mean at work? Coming up with a definition is difficult because every human being has an intuitive understanding of it. But to broadly put it, a play is a mind-set: it has more to do with motivation and attitude than a specific activity. One can be playful while doing anything, from getting a document printed to make a meeting more interesting. A playful mind-set is one that is relaxed, creative, imaginative and in the flow. Just like this, we have some recipes for achieving success in the workplace that can all be tried and tested in our entertainment zone.

Entertainment zone is the latest addition apart from our annual trips to awesome place. 

So what all does this zone have? Well, quite a few actually.

To begin, this space serves warm food that has been specially made to energize our employees throughout the day. A library, a playroom, and a fitness room – all there to keep our employees fresh and spark their creativity! The purpose of this area is to provide a space for employees where they can unwind and have a little fun, which in turn helps them perform better when working.

Recipe for healthy living: Think positive thoughts. Now that’s a thought that we encourage at work all day, every day. We also advocate that our employees (everyone) eat a well-balanced meal. Get a dose of daily exercise. Additionally, try to have a positive attitude and pair it with good physical habits.

Recipe for intrinsic motivation: Everybody has days when one feels. Some days we are not motivated enough to perform. But the charm lies in being able to overcome it. Interact and engage with colleagues. In this space, people from different departments to keep the day interesting on a daily basis.

Recipe for mental peace: Being healthy is important, but nothing like keeping our mind healthy! One way to do is to be in a state of peace. But it’s not easy. From time to time, at HFE we try out best to practice ideas to bring out the best of us in the office. Such state helps our employees move forward and spread good vibes.

Recipe for synergy at the workplace: A good work environment is a key ingredient to achieving success. At home or at the office, this is essential – co-exist and cultivate relationships. How? Be a good team player and carry some positive vibes, always.

Recipe for time management: This one is a toughie! But crucial. We all have our days, hours and minutes where we try to make the best use of our time but somehow we miss our target. Fret not, because once figured, the thin line between doing a job and doing a job well is quite rewarding. Just a little bit of planning, persistence, and compliance will go a long way in effectively making time for work.

Last but not the least, it’s not a recipe but an equally professional touch that we encourage our employees to do is follow the amazing Japanese concept of Ikigai. Its literal translation is, ‘a reason for being’ and according to Japanese, everyone has an Ikigai.

What does it mean? Primarily, Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements:

  • What you love (your passion)
  • What the world needs (your mission)
  • What you are good at (your vocation)
  • What you can get paid for (your profession)

One’s Ikigai lies at the centre of those interconnecting circles. If one is lacking in one area, there’s a missing out on one’s life potential.

At HFE, we are coming together with a collective sense of belief and purpose and take action on this – to practice the will to live longer and be in better health. All without a single doctor’s appointment or pill!

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