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2020-01-27 / HFE Team

Kickstarting a Future+ve Life

It was September 2019 when Greta Thunberg, the renowned 17-year-old climate activist, declared at the UN Climate Action Summit, 'The world is waking up and change is coming.' Her words epitomized the change that is being upheld by more and more companies, entrepreneurs, and governments alike — climate change. Not just enterprises, even individuals today are joining this cause to contribute towards a brighter and greener future. We at Hero Future Energies decided to kickstart this decade by finding such dedicated climate optimists who are ready to contribute to a sustainable future with our #2020GreenGoal campaign.

The results were impressive. We soon discovered the eagerness of people to discuss and participate in the climate change conversation – everyone wanted to play a part in the fight. From indoor ideas to outdoor practices, people shared their #2020GreenGoal – completing the puzzle of a sustainable life bit by bit, with their pieces. Youngsters promised to choose greener transportation options like carpooling, switching to electric vehicles, and driving in cruise control. Elders offered ideas like composting waste, going vegan, and gifting plants. Other goals included planting more trees, buying what’s necessary, avoiding plastic, taking bucket baths, etc. Everybody also promised to spread the message of sustainability to the next generation. Here’s a snapshot of people sharing their #2020GreenGoal:

One thing that was common among everybody was the willingness to take the initiative. To save the world and bring about a positive change, one must believe that they have the power to achieve it. Everybody we met was ready to contribute to the global cause by changing their immediate environment. This Future+ve outlook is what the world needs to overcome one of the biggest challenges it has ever faced. So start a Future+ve life by deciding on your #2020GreenGoal and help the world meet its sustainability targets.

The old saying ‘Whoever saves one life, saves the world, entire’ today translates into ‘no effort is too small’. Individual efforts are like a ripple of hope, which joins hands together to form an unstoppable wave of change. We need to join this wave with our contributions, no matter how small, because the cumulative effort will make a difference. And at Hero Future Energies, we share this spirit. We are committed to building a sustainable future on a global scale with renewable energy technologies.

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